EverMerge Lite: Merge 3 Puzzle


EverMerge Lite: Merge 3 Puzzle

EverMerge Lite is a magic world that gets bigger and better with each discovery.



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Welcome to the enchanting world of EverMerge Lite! Play this mobile 3-match puzzle game to experience a place where merging is magic, and every combination brings you closer to unravelling a realm filled with wonder and incredible creatures. Save your mobile data with the EverMerge Lite version while enjoying the fairytale puzzle game you expect from Evermerge. 

EverMerge Lite offers a unique blend of merge, puzzle, and world-building excitement with a touch of classic charm. This game is your portal into a universe where your strategy and creativity shape the landscape with the help of iconic characters like Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or Puss in Boots.

Dive into the magic of EverMerge Lite and start your journey. Merge items to lift the cursed fog, reveal new lands, and uncover the mysteries that await. From towering castles to enchanting forests, your actions dictate the unfolding of a world brimming with possibilities.

EverMerge Lite is not just a game—it's an adventure that grows with each discovery. Merge dragons, diamonds, and a plethora of items to create something truly magnificent. Become the master of merges and watch your world expand in mesmerising ways.

Embrace the role of a merge master and embark on quests leading to hidden treasures and magical artifacts. Build your collection of classic characters and mythical creatures, evolve your landscape, and mine for resources to aid your journey.

EverMerge Lite is a magical experience, inviting players from around the globe to join in the fun. Download for Android and iOS (Apple) devices across Africa now.  Let the magic of merging lead you to glory. Play and become part of a growing community of puzzle enthusiasts and world-builders. Discover EverMerge Lite, and let your adventure begin!


What is EverMerge, and how do you play it?

EverMerge is a merging, match-3 building-type puzzle game where players combine items to create larger, more complex objects while uncovering magical lands and characters.

What are the main features of EverMerge?

Main features include merging and collecting items, completing quests, earning rewards, unlocking new islands and discovering magical creatures and classic characters from fairy tales and folklore.

How do I unlock new areas in EverMerge?

New areas in EverMerge are typically unlocked by progressing through the game, completing quests, and clearing mist or fog that covers parts of the map.

Can I play EverMerge Lite offline?

Yes, you can play Evermerge offline, but you should occasionally connect to save your cloud progress and avoid loss.

Are there any in-game purchases in EverMerge?

Though these are optional, EverMerge offers in-game purchases that can help speed up progress or enhance gameplay.

What are the system requirements for playing EverMerge Lite on mobile devices in Africa?

  • Android 7.0
  • iOS 13
  • Run on devices with more than 3GB of RAM

How do I deal with connectivity issues when playing EverMerge Lite in regions with unstable internet?

Evermerge offers the possibility to play online and offline with no gameplay interruption. Users can continue playing their favourite game even with low/no internet connection. However, an internet connection is needed to make in-app purchases, save your progress in the cloud or watch rewarded ads.

What language options are available in EverMerge Lite for players in Africa?

The game is available in English, Portuguese and French.

What is the difference between EverMerge Lite and EverMerge?

EverMerge Lite offers the same content as EverMerge, with an enhanced experience for our African players

  • Smaller download size.
  • Faster Loading times.
  • Local customer support.
  • Exclusive rewards and discounts in the Carry1st Shop.

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