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What is fast-levelling in EverMerge Lite?

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Fast levelling in EverMerge Lite involves strategies and techniques to quickly gain experience points (XP) and advance through the game's levels. Here are some practical tips for fast levelling:

  • Completing quests and tasks is crucial. Daily quests, story quests, and side tasks often reward significant XP. Focusing on these can expedite your progression through the game's levels.
  • Merging higher-tier items yields more XP compared to lower-tier merges. Prioritise creating and merging high-value items to maximise XP gains.
  • Regularly check and immerse yourself in the excitement of special events. These often offer double XP or other bonuses, adding a thrilling element to your levelling journey.
  • Use your resources wisely and prevent your energy from going to waste. Always merge or collect items, and keep your board as active as possible.
  • Utilise any available boosts or power-ups that can enhance your gameplay. These can help you clear more items and gain more XP faster.
  • Focus on clearing the fog and expanding your land, which unlocks more space for merging and more opportunities to create high-tier items.
  • Strategise your merges carefully. Avoid merging items just to clear space; wait until you can create a higher-tier merge that offers more XP. This strategic approach will make you feel more in control of your XP gains.
  • Open and merge chests for additional rewards and XP. Higher-tier chests often provide substantial XP bonuses.
  • Play regularly to take advantage of respawning items and resources. Consistent play helps maintain momentum and continuous XP accumulation.
  • Consider investing in permanent upgrades. These can significantly boost your XP gains through in-game purchases or using Diamonds to buy boosters. This investment can greatly accelerate your levelling.

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