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PUBG Mobile: Close-Quarter Combat (CQC) Tips & Tricks With Pro Gamer Gho$T

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Every PUBG Mobile player needs to master close-quarter combat (CQC). Pro gamer Gho$t and Dami Koya share answers to popular questions about CQC.

What makes Close-quarter combat in PUBG Mobile so thrilling?

Close-quarter combat in PUBG Mobile is a thrilling test of split-second decisions and raw skill, where victory can instantly turn into defeat. To succeed, players need to master the close-range weapon meta and adapt their playstyle.

Who is Gho$t, and why is his opinion valuable?

Gho$t, also known as Chimuanya Christopher Okoro, is a highly respected member of Tribe Gaming, Africa's largest gaming community. His extensive experience and expertise make his insights invaluable for mastering close-range combat.

What are the top 3-5 weapons for close-quarters combat, according to Gho$t?

Gho$t's top contenders for CQC are the M416, UMP, AKM, and the DBS shotgun.

Do you prioritise high damage per shot or a faster rate of fire for close-range weapons?

Gho$t prioritises a faster rate of fire because high-damage guns often have higher recoil, making aiming tricky in close-quarters combat. However, he doesn't completely disregard high-damage weapons.

How important is recoil control for close-range weapons?

Recoil control is crucial in close-range battles. Most players aim for the head, and proper recoil control can make a big difference and could result in you winning and losing.

Which weapon stands out for its manageability in tight spaces?

The DBS shotgun is especially effective in battles in tight spaces. When it goes off, enemies may rethink their approach.

Are there any close-range weapons versatile enough for mid-range engagements?

Yes, the UMP is effective for both close-range and mid-range engagements due to its low recoil and decent damage.

How do SMGs and shotguns compare for CQC, and when would you choose one over the other?

Shotguns, like the DBS, requires a high level of skill due to the risk of missing shots. SMGs are formidable and easier to handle in close quarters, making them a more common choice.

Are there any lesser-known weapons that deserve more recognition for close-range fights?

Airdrop guns, despite their power, are often overlooked due to the risk involved in obtaining them. These weapons can be highly effective in close-range combat.

How do AirDrop weapons like the Groza factor into close-range combat?

The Groza is excellent for CQC, providing little time for the opponent to react. However, prioritising airdrop loot in tournaments can be risky.

What's your favourite close-range weapon, and why?

Gho$t's favourite is the UMP with a suppressor due to its low recoil and adequate damage, making it effective in close and mid-range engagements.

Does the best close-range weapon choice change based on playstyle?

Yes, aggressive playstyles favour weapons like the Groza or DBS shotgun, while more defensive playstyles could benefit from other weapon choices.

What attachments do you prefer for your top close-range picks?

For the M416, Gho$t prefers a tactical stock, laser sight, and compensator. He likes a suppressor and laser sight for the UMP to reduce hip-fire spread.

Any general tips for mastering close-range combat in PUBG Mobile?

Mastering CQC requires practice. Engage in Team Deathmatches (TDMs) and 1v1 matches with friends, adjust sensitivity settings, and keep practising. Consistent practice is critical to improvement.]

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Thanks to Gho$t for sharing his insights into close-quarters combat in PUBG Mobile. His expert advice helps players refine their strategies and weapon choices, bringing them closer to domination on the battlefield.

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