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PUBG Mobile: Tips, Tricks & More

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has millions of fans worldwide. To learn more about the secrets of mastering PUBG, Oluwadamilola Koya discussed the game with Chimuanya Christopher Okoro. Both are members of Africa's leading gaming community, Tribe, powered by Carry1st. Chimuanya, also known as Gho$t, shared some valuable points and strategies for achieving proficiency in PUBG. 

Achieving Mastery in PUBG Mobile

The first point Gho$t highlighted was consistent practice and gaining experience through engagement with the game as the key to mastering it. Setting time aside to practise can enhance your skills within the game.


 Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro

Gho$t mentioned the importance of possessing high-quality gaming equipment, such as a stable network connection and a reliable device to excel in the game. Additionally, Gho$t encouraged gamers to watch professional PUBG Mobile leagues and player montages to assimilate advanced techniques into their gameplay.


Weapon Selection

Gho$t considered the M416 and UMP ideal weapons for beginners due to their balanced recoil, facilitating easier control. For experienced players, he suggested the DBS shotgun.


Top Up UC for PUBG Mobile 

According to Gho$t!, many of the game's appealing features, such as unique car skins and guns, can be unlocked using UC, significantly enhancing the gaming experience. As a result, spending on UC is considered worthwhile. Also, Gho$t! mentioned that Carry1st frequently offers discounts to top up UC with PUBG Mobile gift cards, making it an even more attractive option.

Tips for Beginners

Gho$t advised beginners to gain insights from expert players on YouTube and highlighted the usefulness of engaging with experienced players online to learn about different gameplay strategies and enhance your skills as a beginner.


Aiming Techniques

According to Gho$t, enhanced aiming in PUBG Mobile hinges on reaction time, crosshair placement and sensitivity settings. He recommended adopting hold for scoping, utilising 4-finger control layouts, and incorporating gyroscope functionality for optimal aiming precision.


Enemy Detection

Through years of gameplay experience and skills strengthening, Gho$t highlighted the importance of actively scanning potential ambush locations to maintain situational awareness.


Tournament Success

Gho$t outlined the importance of daily practice sessions and communication with team members to achieve tournament success and extended experience in navigating tournament scenarios effectively.

He highlighted PUBG's proactive expansion of official tournaments to diverse regions, offering substantial prize pools and fostering opportunities for aspiring African esports enthusiasts. Gho$t also noted that PUBG Mobile maintains a competitive edge over other battle royale games, especially in inclusivity and esports initiatives.


Gho$t’s insights highlight the importance of optimal equipment, practice and learning from professional leagues and experienced players. Whether you're a beginner or a skilled gamer, are you ready to shoot it out in PUBG Mobile?

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