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Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) Season 5: Digital Dusk – Retrospective & Tips With Pro Gamer Sunless

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Digital Dusk was a blast. Tribe members Sunless, the pro gamer, and Dami Koya share insights and tips for new and seasoned CODM players.

What are your impressions of the Digital Dusk theme?

The Digital Dusk theme is highly praised for its cohesive and exciting design. It ties together various elements, such as the Battle Pass and Challenge Pass, offering a fresh and engaging experience.

How does the new Machine Pistol impact the current weapon meta?

The Machine Pistol is a decent addition but only significantly changes the meta. Its aim shake makes it less reliable than other secondary weapons, though it serves well as a backup.

What strategies maximise the effectiveness of the Emergency Airdrop Scorestreak?

To maximise the Emergency Airdrop Scorestreak, use the Persistence perk and focus on farming kills, which is a powerful tool that could turn the tide of battle, but it requires aggressive play.

Which areas of the new Frequency map should players focus on controlling?

Players should control the lower level of the Frequency map. This area offers long sightlines for sniping and tight corners for AR and SMG engagements, providing a strategic advantage.

Do you have any tips for maximising rewards in the Fractured Society event?

Focus on missions for premium masks rather than basic ones. Efficient grinding should enable you to collect all rewards in a few days.

What last-minute advice do you have for players aiming to reach Legendary rank in Ranked mode?

Use the DRH or Man-O-War with Persistence (Emergency Airdrop) and Reactor Core. Playing Hardpoint and coordinating with teammates to hold points is crucial.

What advice do you have for aspiring African pro players in competitive CODM?

Focus on teamwork and start from the ground up. Support your team and secure objectives rather than chasing kills to achieve victory.

Which new weapon blueprints and operator skins stood out in Season 5?

The epic skin for the Machine Pistol in the Battle Pass is notable for its design. Additionally, the Arctic Cold blueprint for the Locus sniper rifle is highly practical and visually appealing.

How has the community responded to the Digital Dusk season overall?

The community has responded positively, enjoying the character, weapon skins, and new content. The season is rated a solid 7 out of 10 for its diverse offerings.

Are there any secret easter eggs or hidden lore in the new season's content?

Players should check out the comics, which contain fun storylines and hidden lore that most people might overlook.

What was your favourite aspect of Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Digital Dusk?

The Domino skin at level 50 of the Challenge Pass is a personal favourite for its design and uniqueness.

How can you buy CODM top-ups?

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