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CODM: Tips, Tricks & More

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Call of Duty: Mobile has become a staple for gamers worldwide, offering intense battles and thrilling moments at your fingertips. But what is it about the game that keeps players coming back for more? 

We spoke to a Halo, an avid CODM player, together with a poll within the Tribe Community, one of Africa's largest gaming communities, to uncover the game's appeal and gather insights on how players can elevate their gameplay.

The poll results revealed that 65% of players enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile's general gameplay, highlighting its fast-paced and balanced experience. The community aspect and remarkable graphics also received appreciation, showing the game's diverse appeal. 

Why is CODM gameplay so appealing? 

Halo: "It's all about the thrill! Call of Duty: Mobile delivers a fast-paced, straightforward experience that balances casual gaming with excitement, hooking both seasoned and new players alike."

How can I improve my CODM skills? 

Halo: "The key is practice! But don't just play aimlessly; watch professional players, analyse their strategies, and try to emulate their techniques. It's like having a personal coach guiding you to success!"

How can I rack up kills in CODM? 

Halo: "Practice and experience are crucial. The more you play, the better you understand the game, helping you perform better and rack up kills."

How can I aim quickly in CODM? 

Halo: "Practice makes perfect! Use the in-game training mode to hone your aim and experiment with different sensitivity settings. Muscle memory and comfort are key—so grab that virtual rifle and keep training!"

What are the advantages of COD Points top-ups? 

Halo: "COD Points let you indulge in aesthetics, allowing you to customise your weapons with sleek skins. While these don't offer a statistical advantage, they add style to your arsenal, making your gameplay even more fun. So some players buy CODM Top-ups for more CP."

What is a Battle Pass in CODM? 

Halo: "A Battle Pass offers a reward system, letting players advance through tiers and earn unique rewards, including weapon camos, outfits, and blueprints. It's a great way to enhance your CODM experience."

How can I optimise my loadout in CODM? 

Halo: "The best loadout depends on the season. The meta changes frequently due to updates, so experiment with combinations and adapt to the changing landscape to stay competitive."

How can I move faster in CODM? 

Halo: "Equip perks like Lightweight for a speed boost. Customise weapon attachments in the gunsmith to enhance movement. Also, switch to melee weapons, grenades, or trophies while sprinting to move quicker and surprise your opponents."

What guns should I focus on levelling up in CODM? 

Halo: "The meta shifts each season, so level up all your guns. This way, you'll always have options to adapt and dominate, regardless of the meta changes."

How can I climb the ranks quickly? 

Halo: "Keep playing! Improved skills lead to more victories and points, which help you climb the ranks. Playing with friends of similar or higher skill levels can make the journey more exciting and rewarding!"

Are there CODM tournaments you participate in? 

Halo: "I don't compete in tournaments, but organisations like Tribe, Mobile Mayhem, Kon10dr, Cast eSports, Gamr Africa, 10N8E, and Amari Network regularly host CODM tournaments for competitive players."

And there you have it: everything you need to know to conquer Call of Duty: Mobile like a true champion! Whether you're looking to customise your weapons, engage with the community or improve your skills, these tips and tricks from a pro gamer allow you to embrace the chaos and dominate the battlefield - your victory awaits!

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