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What are the rules of Mancala Adventures?

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Learning something new can be fun. Mancala Adventures is a simple and easy game to understand! Here is a summary of the rules in Mancala Adventures:

  • The board consists of two rows with six pits each and a store (or Mancala) for each player. Each pit starts with four stones.
  • The game's main objective is to capture more stones in your store than your opponent.
  • Each player must take a turn picking up all stones from one pit and distributing them counterclockwise into subsequent pits, one stone per pit. If the last stone lands in the player's store, they gain an extra turn.
  • If the last stone lands in a vacant pit on the player's side and the opposing pit has stones, the player gains both the previous stone and the stones in the opposite pit and places them in their store.
  • The game ends once one player's pits are empty, and any remaining stones in the other pits go to their store.
  • The player with the most stones wins.

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