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The Best Multiplayer Mobile Games in 2024

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Gaming is the ultimate adventure, but gaming with a group of friends is epic! Gaming has always been a social experience. Thankfully, it’s even easier to connect with friends and enjoy some competitive fun on a mobile phone. 

We’ve compiled the top multiplayer mobile games that you can enjoy with friends in 2024.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM)

Call of Duty: Mobile brings the renowned first-person shooter experience to mobile devices, combining classic maps and modes with mobile-specific innovations. It's perfect for competitive gaming with friends.

Variety of Multiplayer Modes

You’ll have a variety of classic gameplay options. Anything from Team Deathmatch to Battle Royale and Zombies. CODM offers diverse gameplay that caters to different play styles. 

Immersive Graphics and Gameplay

Enjoy console-quality graphics and smooth gameplay on your mobile device.

2. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a standout mobile shooter in the battle royale genre and captivates players with its fast-paced gameplay and team-based action. Each match drops 50 players onto a remote island, and only the best team will emerge victorious.

Team Strategy

Free fire requires strategic planning and teamwork. Players can form squads of up to four and use their unique character abilities to gain an edge over the competition.

Each match lasts about 10 minutes, making it perfect for quick gaming sessions with friends.

3. PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile game offers a deep and immersive multiplayer experience with a strong emphasis on strategy and teamwork.

It has various maps and modes, which include 100-player battles and team-based deathmatches. There’s always something new to explore. 

4. Roblox

Roblox allows gamers to create and play games created by other gamers. It's a versatile and ever-expanding universe of multiplayer fun, offering endless opportunities for creativity and collaboration.

A constant stream of user-created games

With millions of user-created games, there's always something new to play. It is also an opportunity for gamers to create games that suits their individual preferences - which is a unique and captivating way to navigate the mobile gaming space. Infant, Roblox,  is the ultimate social gaming experience - it’s an endless gaming experience that you don’t want to miss out on. 

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