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Snakes and Ladders Mobile Game: Tips & More From Carry1st

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Many have cherished memories of playing the classic Snakes and Ladders board game. Have you played a game with friends or family? The game's appeal is timeless, yet a recent trend has emerged in Africa, where traditional board games transform into mobile gaming experiences. The Snakes and Ladders board game has joined several other popular board games that have become popular mobile games.

We sat down with a pro gamer and dedicated Snakes and Ladders player, Emmanuel Omadudu, who has won over 7,000 Snakes and Ladders Mobile games, to learn more about the game and explore tips and tricks for playing it.

Why Play Snakes and Ladders Mobile Games?

Emmanuel mentioned the game's simplicity and brisk pace compared to other mobile offerings, expressed admiration for its entertainment value and underscored the inherent unpredictability that keeps players engaged until the final moves, regardless of their standing.


How to Play Snakes and Ladders

Are you new to Snakes and Ladders and want to know how to play it? Emmanuel explained Snakes and Ladders as a strategic two-player board game in which participants move three pawns across an eighteen-move limit. The winner is determined by reaching the designated spot numbered 100 on the board, with the player amassing the highest score.


Other Mobile Board Games and Card Games 

Ludo is another popular board game, and Emmanuel enjoys playing MPL Naija’s Ludo Dice. Not only have board games become mobile games, but card games have also leapt into the world of mobile games. Mobile card games like Whot and Spades may appeal to the same audience. Emmanuel also enjoys playing MPL Naija’s Whot and Spades mobile games.


Tips to Win Snakes and Ladders Matches

Emmanuel advised against prematurely ascending ladders if a rival pawn lurks nearby, cautioned against rushing to use rerolls in MPL Naija’s Snakes and Ladders matches and advocated for players to explore various mobile adaptations to identify graphics and gameplay nuances aligning with their preferences.

While some may choose the convenience of mobile games, others prefer the physical Snakes and Ladders board game that comes in a box. Ultimately, the beauty of gaming lies in the diversity of choices available. Whether you prefer mobile board games or the traditional way of playing, the joy of board games remains universal.

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