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Multiversus: Back with a New Trailer and Exciting Rewards

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When Multiversus was abruptly taken offline last year, many fans were disappointed and frustrated. Player First Games’ handling of the situation felt like a betrayal, and the reception from the general public wasn’t particularly optimistic about its return. However, the latest launch trailer has managed to rekindle some lost excitement.

The three-minute trailer is a vibrant, action-packed showcase of team battles, easter eggs, and character reveals. It perfectly captures the chaotic and fun spirit of Multiversus, featuring iconic characters like Joker, Jason, Agent Smith, and Banana Guard. The trailer’s joyful and nostalgic tone is hard to resist, and even players who are sceptical of its first release will be moved. Watch it here.

A New Roster and Fresh Content

The game’s new roster additions and modes initially seemed unimpressive on paper. The PVE mode called Rifts, reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. Melee’s Adventure mode, didn’t spark much interest. However, seeing these elements come to life in the trailer changed my perspective. The attention to detail and the understanding of each character’s unique traits are evident. For instance, seeing Finn and Velma high-fiving while shouting “Mathematical” or the Iron Giant protecting Marvin the Martian adds a layer of charm and authenticity to the game.

Exciting Easter Eggs

The trailer is also filled with hidden clues about potential future characters, leading to much speculation from gamers. Fans have spotted hints at characters like Aqua Man, Samurai Jack, Raven, Powerpuff Girls, Green Lantern, Daffy Duck, and Scooby Doo. This element of mystery and anticipation is something similar to what Super Smash Bros. used to do with its character reveals— a very significant part of gaming culture.

Rewarding Returning Players

In a move to win back its player base, Player First Games announced that returning beta players will receive a free premium battle pass for the game’s first season. Those who log in by June 11 will also get a special edition Snow Suit Finn character variant, a Rising Stars ring-out, and a Banana Guard announcer pack.

Additionally, completing the game’s new tutorial—a seven-day reward calendar—will unlock the Banana Guard character for free, with the Lady Banana Guard variant available upon completing all seven days. These incentives show a clear effort to make amends with the community and offer tangible rewards for their patience.

Battle Pass and In-Game Currency Details

The premium battle pass includes high-value items in both free and premium tiers, with enough Gleamium (the in-game currency) to purchase the next battle pass. The pass will last for eight weeks, and players who reach the final tier early can continue earning rewards.

The game features four different currencies:

  • Perk Currency: Used for unlocking in-game perks, gained through gameplay and the battle pass.
  • Fighter Currency: Used to unlock characters, also gained through gameplay and the battle pass.
  • Prestige Currency: For exclusive cosmetics, acquired by obtaining other cosmetics.
  • Gleamium: Used for cosmetics, emotes, battle passes, and more, available through events, the battle pass, or direct purchase.

A Bright Future for Multiversus

Multiversus is set to relaunch on 28 May, available as a free download across multiple platforms with full cross-play and cross-progression support. The game promises an ever-expanding roster of beloved characters from Warner Bros. Discovery franchises, from Batman to Arya Stark and even LeBron James. The roster includes characters from DC Comics, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Iron Giant, Space Jam, Rick and Morty, and Gremlins.

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