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MPL Naija’s Ludo Dice Mobile Game Is Shaking Up The Naija Gaming Scene

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Something interesting is happening in the Naija gaming world, and it's all about MPL's Ludo Dice mobile game. The game is getting a fun makeover in MPL's Ludo Dice. This game doesn't just bring back the classic vibes, it adds a dash of innovation. As Naija gamers shift to mobile gaming, MPL's Ludo Dice keeps the essence of the old school while throwing in some mind-blowing features.

We spoke to Emmanuel Omadudu, a gamer from Delta State University, who’s making waves on the leaderboard. Here’s what he had to say.

Why do you play MPLs Ludo Dice game?

"I started playing MPL Ludo when I saw an Instagram advert about the game. I came across the advert seven times on Instagram before I decided to try it; since then, I have been playing the game consistently."

Does MPL pay real money that you win by playing Ludo?

"MPL Ludo pays real money. I have won 2 million Naira ($2200) playing the MPL Ludo game since I started."

How do you play Ludo Dice?

"The MPL Ludo is a game of 2 players who play against each other; each player is given four pawns to use to play and a time limit set at 6 minutes. The player with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins."

What is a money game?

"A money game is a game that pays you real money to play the game."

What is your favourite thing about Ludo Dice?

"My favourite thing about MPL Ludo Dice game is the difference in how the game is played from the usual Ludo, which makes it unique, different and interesting to play."

How many Ludo games have you won?

"I have won over 5000 Ludo Dice games."

How do you rank among all of the Ludo Dice winners?

"I am one of the top players in games played, money won and highest win rate."

What do you think of other Ludo mobile games?

"I have played some other Ludo games, the ones I have won from and others for fun. Regarding gameplay and graphics, other Ludo games are nowhere compared to the MPL Ludo game."

What other MPL games do you like?

"Besides Ludo, I also enjoy Spades and Snakes and Ladders."

What tips and tricks do you have for players to win while playing Ludo Dice?

"For those who play Ludo, first of all, build your defensive structure before going for offence, and also, if you have a winning strategy, stick to it even though you are losing. That has kept me profitable and with a high win rate."

MPL's Ludo Dice is a Ludo game app which blends innovation, a friendly community, and some serious competition. Download Ludo Dice now - and if you have what it takes - you could win real money.

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