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How to Start Playing Call Of Duty: Mobile for Beginners

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So you’re keen to join the fight? Remember to win the game, you need to understand the game. Don’t start, unless you get to grips with all the pawns and possible roadblocks, okay?  Here goes.

To start,  download the Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) game onto your mobile or PC and buy CODM points. COD Points are the game’s premium currency, which you can purchase using your real money via an online shop. 

CODM: Mobile game has a storyline. As a stranger walking into a strange world, you’ll need to understand what your ultimate goal should be and more importantly who your enemies are and what you have at your disposal to achieve the end goal: to win.  

Call Of Duty: Mobile for beginners 

It’s absolutely free to download the CODM App on your phone. Familiarise yourself with the context of the game and your mission.  

The Game: Season 4 Fool’s Gold 2024

The Context: Treasure Hunters are on the prowl, in search of riches. They face constant challenges. As one of these treasure hunters, you’ll need weapons to protect yourself against unsavoury characters! 

Your Mission: It’s simple - you need to get your hands on the loot! 

There are two teams of six players battling for control of a briefcase. The briefcase appears on the map at the start of the match. 

How will you score? 

The team that is in possession of the briefcase earns points, for every second they have it in their possession. You don’t score any direct points for eliminating enemies.  

Your limitations as a Briefcase Carrier: 

In this case you can only use a pistol or the briefcase as a melee weapon. Also, there are no Scorestreaks, Consumables or Operator skills: these are disabled for the player carrying the briefcase. 

If you’re on the defending team: 

A player on the defending team (not holding a briefcase) who is eliminated, cannot respawn until the briefcase is dropped. The defending team respawns only once the briefcase is dropped, and regain control. 

Access more with a Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass 

Battle Pass Free Tiers, gives you access to a hail of bullets with the MG42 LMG. It’s a free reward that fires fast and contains tons of ammo! You can also earn the RC-XD, which is a remote controlled care that explodes on impact. 

Premium Pass Tiers, helps you get your hands on exclusive treasure hunter outfits for your characters. You can also unlock killer weapon designs. 

Battle Pass Subscription, will grant you additional monthly rewards along with a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, as well as discount coupons. 

How do you win? 

The team first team to reach the designated score, wins the match! 

Remember to check the in-game Events tab throughout the season. You’ll also recieve Daily Mission Rewards and Monthly Login incentives. 

The great thing about CODM is that you’re able to  team up with other players in 5v5 multiplayer battles. To elevate your in-game experience, purchase a CODM battle pass and top-up

And,  if you’d prefer you can enjoy playing CODM on a bigger screen, with better controls by downloading GameLoop, a PC emulator, on your PC, so that you can play CODM: Mobile on your PC with ease and experience the game like never before! 

P.S: If you feel confident, why not register for Carry1st Africa Cup Call of Duty: Mobile tournament? There’s a prize pool of $15,000. This tournament will bring together the best players and teams from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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