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How does the Awale board game compare to the Mancala-based Mancala Adventures game?

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Awale, also known as Oware and Awele, and Mancala Adventures are both Mancala games; however, they differ in board setup, rules and complexity. Here are a few differences between Awale and Mancala Adventures:


  • The Awale board consists of two rows of six pits each, and each player has a store (also called a mancala) at the end of their side.
  • Each pit begins with four seeds, totalling 48 seeds.
  • Like other Mancala games, the main goal is to capture more seeds than your opponent by the end of the game.
  • Players take turns picking up all seeds from one of their pits and distributing them one by one into subsequent pits in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Those seeds are captured if the last seed lands in an opponent's pit, resulting in two or three seeds.
  • To succeed in Awale, players must practice foresight and strategic planning and predict their opponent's moves to gain an advantage.

Mancala Adventures

  • The Mancala Adventures board follows a similar setup to Awale's: two rows of pits, but the number of seeds can differ based on the specific variant or game mode.
  • The main goal remains the same as Awale: capture more seeds than the opponent.
  • Mancala Adventures retains the same mechanics of picking and distributing seeds individually.
  • Unlike traditional versions, this digital version includes digital enhancements such as in-game tips and tutorials.
  • The game is designed for easy and enjoyable play, allowing new players to enhance their skills.

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