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Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks & More

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Clash of Clans, the game that has enthralled millions of players worldwide, underwent a significant update in February 2024. Oluwadamilola Koya discussed this with Adewuyi Amori, both members of the Tribe gaming community, the largest in Africa and powered by Carry1st. 

Adewuyi is a seasoned gamer and CoC eSports team "T_wildside" captain with over six years of experience in Clash of Clans. He shared his perspective on the new features, the evolving meta, and the game's future trajectory.


Game Update

Amori highlighted the new feature of friendly and classic wars that addresses the longstanding request, particularly from competitive players, who rely on classic wars to acquire essential resources like ores.

Adewuyi identified the quality-of-life (QoL) improvements in the update and believes this feature will revolutionise the game.

Overgrowth Spell

This spell is the most prominent inclusion in the update, known for its transformative effect on attack strategies. Amori compared this feature to a fusion of freeze and invisibility spells with an expanded radius. It illuminated its utility in redirecting troops and temporarily neutralising formidable defences, offering strategic advantages in various attack scenarios.


Troop and Defence Levels 

Amori identified that Town Hall 16 players gain substantial gameplay advantages, with access to upgraded equipment, enhanced troop levels, and fortified spells.


Future Updates

Amori expressed the community's desire for the ability to use heroes and pets during upgrades and considered this feature to enhance gameplay continuity.


Spirit Fox Hero

Amori shared insights on the Spirit Fox Hero, noting its formidable capabilities in enhancing hero survivability and altering strategic approaches and highlighted community discussions involving increased accessibility and concerns regarding balance, especially in competitive settings.


Clan War League 

Amori clarified that the league remains a vital platform for showcasing clan strength, even though there have yet to be recent alterations. Additionally, Amori provided feedback on new chat features, acknowledging their utility but expressing reservations about their transformative impact on communication dynamics within clans.


Gems and Gold Pass

Amori noted that casual players benefit from resource incentives aiding base progression. In contrast, competitive players may need more to expedite base development, resorting to alternate methods like gemming upgrades, which are highly beneficial in the game. Gems top-up and Gold Pass are available on the Carry1st shop.

These latest Clash of Clans developments will certainly keep fans happy. Get ready for your next battle!

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