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Whot Card Game Apps: Carry1st's Tips

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Enter the fun mobile game universe of Whot, a card game that has effortlessly made its way into the digital space. Whot card game apps are capturing the hearts of mobile gamers. The card game’s strategic gameplay and competitive nature keep fans playing.

We had the opportunity to learn from a seasoned player, Emmanuel Omadudu, a three-time winner on the MPL Naija Whot leaderboard, who has honed his skills in Whot and was eager to share his insights.

Basic Rules of Whot

Emmanuel explains that the basic rules of Whot are straightforward: players must match the shape or number on their card with the previously played card. The first player to have no cards left is declared the winner. The game also features special cards such as "Pick 2," "General Market," and "Pick 3," which add a strategic element to the gameplay.


When asked about strategies for selecting cards to play, Emmanuel advises players to discard cards that do not match the ones in hand, either by number or shape. He suggests playing the odd cards out to maintain a cohesive hand.

Special Cards

Emmanuel recommends using special cards when the opponent is close to winning, as this can force the opponent to draw more cards and delay their victory.

Avoid These Mistakes

He also highlights common mistakes players should avoid, such as using special cards prematurely when neither player is close to winning. Instead, saving these cards for critical moments in the game is crucial.


Adapting gameplay to opponents with varying skill levels is essential. Emmanuel notes that opponents employ different strategies, from stacking special cards to playing quickly. He emphasises the importance of collecting special cards and discarding high-value cards to maintain an advantage.


Managing your hand and planning moves ahead are key aspects of Whot. Emmanuel suggests keeping cards in your hand as similar as possible and always having special cards at hand.


Observing opponents' moves and adapting your strategy is vital for success. Emmanuel believes that facing various opponents can improve your skills for future games.


For those looking to improve their Whot skills, Emmanuel recommends playing more games and challenging yourself. The more you play, the better you become.

According to Emmanuel, experienced players should never play their special cards at random times. Instead, they should strategically use these cards when they are close to winning or when the opponent is about to win.

For players seeking to learn more about Whot strategies and connect with other players, Emmanuel suggests joining social media groups on platforms like Facebook and Telegram.

Mastering Whot mobile games, such as MPL Naija Whot, requires strategic thinking, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. It's time to elevate your gameplay, outwit your opponents, and, most importantly, enjoy playing Whot. 

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