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Valorant: Tips & Tricks & More

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Valorant’s popularity in Africa continues to grow with many dedicated players. Getting ahead playing Valorant demands a deep understanding of the game's mechanics, teamwork, and a well-thought-out strategy. We caught up with a South African pro gamer, Garrett Laird, well-known as Mangolorian in the VALZA community, to share his tips and tricks with all Valorant fans. Garrett has won multiple tournaments in South Africa, including the Valorant Streamers Cup, powered by Carry1st. He has also won local qualifiers for the International Redbull campus clutch events in 2022 and 2023. 


Garrett considered teamwork to be the most crucial concept in Valorant. How you coordinate with your teammates can make or break a match. Additionally, Garrett notes the importance of using your mic in-game, being open to constructive criticism, and working together to achieve the common goal.

Remain Positive

According to Garrett, toxicity can turn a bad game into a terrible one for you and your teammates. That is why it is essential to encourage one another and offer ideas to better work together, such as asking for a flash or suggesting a coordinated push onto a site.

Warm Up Before Ranked Games

Always warm up before jumping into a ranked game. Garrett suggested heading to the range to warm up your wrists and reaction time, playing a couple of deathmatches to get a feel for the map, improving your movement while shooting, and practising crosshair placement.

Learn Your Role and Watch the Pros

Garrett mentioned that to excel in Valorant, you must understand your role and its strengths. Additionally, watching pro gamers play the same role as you can assist you in learning and understanding your role. Pay attention to timing, positioning, and decision-making, which will give valuable insights for improving your gameplay.

Make Smart Decisions

Garrett says winning pistol rounds can give your team an early advantage. If you win, you can force buy on round two and keep your purchased gun. These are known as bonus rounds. Additionally, Garrett highlighted the importance of communicating with teammates about whether to buy or save when your money is low.

Attack and Defence

Garrett noted that the most strategic attack approach is confronting and securing map territory to dictate site choices. Regarding defence, Garrett recommended avoiding conceding the initial kill to prevent enemy control, utilising smokes at choke points and maintaining angles with team support.

Control the Mid

Mid-control was considered crucial on all maps because it allows for fast rotations between sites, allowing players to apply pressure and control the game's pace.

Anticipate Enemy Moves

Garrett suggested anticipating your enemy's next move by paying close attention to how enemies use their facilities and any sounds that indicate planned and coordinated attacks, such as running.

Use Utility Wisely

When anticipating your enemy's next move, Garrett mentioned the importance of using utilities wisely. For example, he placed smokes and Molotovs to prevent enemies from walking in and selectively used utilities to leave angles open for isolated fights.

Build a Routine and Analyse Your Gameplay

Garrett noted that developing a routine can help one focus and maintain a flow state. Additionally, he recommended practising in aim labs to improve mouse control, recording and watching gameplay to identify areas for improvement and tracking one's progress.

Thank You, Garrett

Mastering Valorant requires a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork. You can elevate your gameplay and compete at the highest level by following these tips and tricks from pro gamers like Garrett. You can also elevate your gaming experience by purchasing Valorant gift cards to purchase Valorant Points. 

Are you ready to level up your Valorant gameplay? Remember, it's not about winning but enjoying your gaming experience with your friends.

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