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PUBG Mobile Update: What to Know With Pro Gamer Gho$T

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PUBG Mobile has recently released updates featuring a new map, PvE encounters, and large-scale clan warfare. Dami Koya spoke with Chimuanya Christopher Okoro, known as Gho$t from Tribe Gaming, Africa's largest gaming community, to get insights on these changes.

The April 2024 Update

The April update with the Karakin map stands out due to its fast-paced, intense gameplay. Compared to Miramar, it offers a smaller, more action-packed experience, combining open areas with close-quarter town fights.

Experience with Clan Clash

Clan Clash has enhanced teamwork and strategy within the Tribe Gaming community. It encourages players to collaborate and improve their tactics, strengthening bonds and testing their skills.

Metro Royale Mode

Metro Royale's risk-reward system adds a unique twist to the traditional battle royale. Players must gather supplies and return safely, adding tension and requiring more cautious and strategic gameplay.

Impact of New Weapons

While Gho$t prefers traditional weapons like the M416 and UMP, the Panzerfaust proves helpful in specific situations, adding variety to combat strategies.

Beneficial Improvements

Performance optimisations have made a significant difference, with smoother gameplay and quicker loading times enhancing the overall experience.

Balancing PvE and PvP in Metro Royale

Success in Metro Royale requires knowing when to fight and when to be stealthy. Both PvE and PvP elements present challenges, but navigating them successfully to reach extraction is highly rewarding.

Advice for New Players

New players should embrace the learning curve, practice fearlessly, and experiment with different weapons and tactics. The PUBG Mobile community is supportive, with many resources available for improvement. Don’t hesitate to learn from experienced players.

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