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Ludo Mobile Games: Get Expert Tips and More

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MPL Naija’s Ludo Dice is a popular mobile Ludo game in Nigeria. To gain more valuable insights and details of the game, we spoke with Xtomalley Chris, a part-time professional gamer who also works in the mechanical engineering industry, specialising in vehicle repairs.

Why do you play Ludo games?

Xtomalley: "I enjoy playing Ludo games because they're easy to operate, adding an extra layer of excitement and fun to my gaming experience."

How do you play Ludo Dice?

Xtomalley: "At the beginning of each game, I strategically defend my home base with eight tokens before shifting to an aggressive attack on my opponent's house. The goal is to outmanoeuvre them and return home safely, adding a thrilling dynamic to the gameplay."

What's your favourite aspect of Ludo Dice?

Xtomalley: "What I love most about the game is the tactical calculation involved. By carefully planning each move, victory becomes more attainable, especially since the game is open to both parties, creating a competitive atmosphere where every move counts."

How many Ludo games have you won?

Xtomalley: "Out of my overall record of 22,462 games, I've achieved a 70% win rate."

How do you rank all the Ludo Dice winners?

Xtomalley: "Players who consistently dominate the leaderboard are high-ranking, showcasing their skill, dedication, and strategic prowess in the game."

What do you think of other Ludo games?

Xtomalley: "Although other games provide a decent gaming experience, I find certain Ludo games, like MPL, to be more engaging and enjoyable. Other Ludo games don't match the exceptional quality and appeal of MPL Ludo games."

What other games do you enjoy?

Xtomalley: "Apart from Ludo, I like playing classic games like Snakes and Ladders and Whot. They offer a different but equally enjoyable gaming experience."

What tips and tricks do you have for players to win while playing Ludo Dice?

Xtomalley: "Mastering the art of calculation and controlling the game's speed using time manipulation techniques is crucial to gaining an advantage over your opponents. This will help you defeat them and secure victory."

Like mastering anything, becoming a pro Ludo player requires hours of patience and dedication. Xtomalley's tips and tricks, insights into the game's mechanics, and flexible approach to success can benefit new and experienced players. Applying these techniques to the game can help you reach your desired rank in Ludo Dice. Start your Ludo journey today and roll to the top!


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