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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Advanced Tips from Pro Gamer Rockstar Alfii

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Who is Rockstar Alfii?

Kelechi Chukwuemeka, better known as Rockstar Alfii, is a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) scene. With a staggering five years of experience, including three at the professional level, he leads the highly respected MLBB Team Oasiss. Dami Koya, a fellow member of Carry1st's Tribe, had the privilege of discussing strategies with Rockstar Alfii, and he's here to share the best tips with you.

What are your favourite strategies for initiating attacks and coordinating with your team as a roamer?

Rockstar Alfii emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on the enemy and keeping them guessing. Communication through pings and quick chats is crucial for maintaining team coordination.

What sets Team Oasiss apart from others in the Nigerian MLBB scene?

Dedication is the key factor. Team Oasiss grinds together, analyses strategies, and continually pushes each other to improve.

Which recent update or new feature excites you the most, and how will it impact the game?

Rockstar Alfii looks forward to more "roam" type heroes, believing that a greater variety of options will lead to more diverse strategies.

Have any new heroes or reworks changed how you play as a roamer?

Adaptability is essential for a roamer. While drastic changes haven’t occurred, understanding the meta and hero synergies is crucial.

What tips do you have for aspiring roamers to fulfil their roles at different game stages effectively?

Aspiring roamers should increase their hero pool, mainly focusing on support and tank heroes. Watching pro tournaments and mastering counter-picking are also important. Dedication and practice are essential.

What is your view of the current competitive scene in Africa for MLBB, and what are the main challenges and opportunities?

While African teams are improving, international competition wins are rare. Opportunities lie in the IESF tournament, which could lead to greater recognition from Moonton and invitations to significant events like Mseries and MSC.

Do new skins like Moskov's "Infernal Wyrmlord" and Edith's "Red Bastion" motivate players? Do you have any favourites?

Yes, skins can boost gameplay motivation and confidence. They make players feel destined to dominate with the character. Rockstar Alfii believes that skins do improve gameplay in subtle ways.

How do new features and events in MLBB affect the overall player experience?

New features and events from Moonton simplify complex aspects of the game, making it better and more engaging for both new and veteran players.

What advice do you have for players looking to break into the competitive scene and join teams like Oasiss?

Players should work hard on themselves, practice, refine their skills, and never stop learning.

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