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How does Bao compare to Mancala-based Mancala Adventures?

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Both Bao and Mancala Adventures are based on the traditional Mancala mechanics, but they differ in complexity and gameplay. Let's compare the two:


  • This game is more complex and requires a deeper level of understanding of rules and strategies.
  • It involves two phases, namely "Namua" and "Mtaji", each with its own set of rules.
  • The board usually has four rows of eight pits.
  • Players use a large number of seeds (typically 64).
  • Bao games are longer and more challenging and involve complex moves like capturing, planting and strategic planning.

Mancala Adventures

  • This game is easier to play, which makes it more accessible to larger audiences.
  • The game consists of straightforward rules and retains the core mechanics of distributing and capturing stones.
  • The board has two rows of six pits and two larger stores, one for each player.
  • Players use a smaller number of stones (typically 48).
  • The game is easier to learn and focuses on quick strategic moves.
  • These games are shorter and can be completed quickly, which makes them suitable for casual players.

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