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How do the traditional Mancala board game rules compare to Mancala Adventures rules?

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Both the Mancala board game and Mancala Adventures mobile game share the same core mechanics but may differ, specifically with digital enhancements and extra features in the Mancala Adventures mobile game. Here are some differences in the rules and features of both:

Traditional Mancala Board Game

  • The board consists of two rows with six pits each. Each player has a store (or Mancala) on their side.
  • Each pit usually starts with four stones.
  • Traditional Mancala aims to capture more stones in your store than your opponent by the end of the game.
  • Players will take turns picking up all the stones from one of their pits and place them counterclockwise, one by one, into subsequent pits.
  • They gain an extra turn if the last stone lands in the player's store.
  • If the remaining stone lands in a vacant pit on the player's side and the opposing pit contains stones, the player captures the last stone and all stones in the opposite pit, placing them in their store.
  • The game ends once one player's pits are vacant, and the remaining stones go to the opponent's store.
  • The player with the most stones in their store determines the winner.

Mancala Adventures Mobile Game

  • The board consists of two rows of pits; each player has a store at the end.
  • The number of stones and pits depends on the specific variant or game mode within Mancala Adventures.
  • The main goal remains: capture more stones in your store than your opponent.
  • The basic gameplay mechanics remain the same: collect and place stones counterclockwise.
  • The rules for gaining extra turns and capturing stones are similar to traditional Mancala games.
  • Mancala Adventures includes digital enhancements such as game modes, tutorials, and in-game tips that help players understand and master the game.
  • Mancala Adventures offers various difficulty levels and AI opponents to provide a range of challenges for players.
  • Unlike traditional Mancala, Mancala Adventures includes online multiplayer that enables players to compete against others worldwide.

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