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Garena Free Fire: The Best Short-Range Weapons for Close-Quarter Combat with Layott

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Try these tips for new and experienced players looking to improve their short-range combat skills, brought to you by Carry1st’s Tribe members Dami Koya and pro gamer Layott.

Why is choosing the right weapon important in the thrilling close-quarters combat of Garena Free Fire?

In these high-pressure scenarios, selecting the right gun can differentiate between victory and defeat, ensuring swift elimination of enemies.

What are Layott's top 3 favourite weapons for dominating close-quarters combat, based on his extensive experience in Garena Free Fire?

Layott’s top picks are:

  • Trogon: Offers balanced damage and fire rate.
  • M18: Known for its range and decent damage.
  • Charge Buster: High damage and range, though less accurate.

Should I prioritise high damage or high fire rate for close-range combat?

Layott prioritises high damage over high fire rate. He believes that in eSports, where landing powerful shots is more effective than firing many weaker ones, high damage is crucial.

Which weapon effectively balances high damage and fire rates?

The Trogon is highlighted as the most balanced option. It combines decent damage and fire rates, making it versatile.

What attachments are essential for maximising close-range effectiveness?

A shotgun stock is essential for shotguns like the Trogon. It significantly enhances accuracy, which is crucial for close-range encounters.

Which short-range weapon is ideal for new players?

The Trogon is recommended for beginners due to its balanced attributes and ease of use. It offers a good mix of damage and fire rates.

Are there any underrated weapons for close combat?

Take notice of the potential of underrated weapons like the Charge Buster and SPAS. When used skillfully, they offer high damage potential, making them great options for diversifying your arsenal and surprising your opponents.

How does weapon choice vary with different maps (Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari)?

While map choice doesn't significantly impact short-range weapon selection, utility weapons like the grappling hook can be more valuable on specific maps. However, Layott's preference for shotguns remains consistent across maps.

What common mistakes do players make when choosing weapons for close-range combat?

A common mistake is prioritising SMGs for their high fire rates, which lack significant damage. In eSports, where powerful shots are crucial, shotguns are the better choice.

Are there any weapons worth mentioning besides the top 3?

The SPAS and Bizon are noteworthy. They offer high damage potential and can be very effective in the right hands.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Layott's top weapons?

  • M18: Offers range and decent damage but has a limited magazine capacity.
  • Trogon: Well-balanced but requires careful aim due to magazine limitations.
  • Charge Buster: High damage and range but less accurate.

Can you provide examples of situations where a specific weapon shone?

While specific examples without visuals are challenging, Layott mentions that the Trogon has been a reliable weapon in many close-quarters skirmishes, repeatedly proving its worth.

Mastering close-quarters combat in Garena Free Fire requires understanding weapon capabilities and strategic selection. 

Layott’s insights emphasise the importance of high-damage shotguns and the potential of underrated weapons like the Charge Buster and SPAS.

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