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EA FC Mobile Update: Tips and tricks from pro gamer Dickson Shaba

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Pro gamer Dickson Shaba and Dami Koya, both members of Tribe, share their insights regarding popular questions since EA FC Mobile's recent update.

What are the most significant improvements in the latest EA FC Mobile update?

The latest update of EA FC Mobile brings significant improvements in graphics, gameplay smoothness, enhanced player customisation, and more realistic ball physics. Improved player AI makes matches feel more dynamic and challenging.

How do you feel about the representation of African teams and players in EA FC Mobile?

As an African pro gamer, I appreciate EA FC Mobile's efforts to represent African teams and players more accurately. However, there’s room for improvement, especially in including more African leagues and teams and refining player attributes to better reflect real-life skills.

What tips can you share for new African players looking to improve in EA FC Mobile?

Mastering versatile formations like 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 is crucial for new African players. Focus on passing and possession-based gameplay, and practice skill moves to outmanoeuvre opponents.

What is your approach to building a well-rounded team in EA FC Mobile?

My approach involves balancing key attributes like pace, passing, and defending across all positions. I scout for underrated players with high potential and adapt tactics based on my team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Is there a future for competitive EA FC Mobile in Africa?

Yes, with the growing popularity of esports in Africa, there’s potential for competitive EA FC Mobile in Nigeria. As more players and organisations invest in esports infrastructure and tournaments, the scene will continue to grow, providing opportunities for talented African gamers to showcase their skills on a global stage.

How can players adapt to the increased difficulty of VS Attack Basic Chances?

Adapting to this change requires quick decision-making, precise passing, and effective use of skill moves to create scoring opportunities. Focus on exploiting gaps in the opponent’s defence and stay composed under pressure.

Are replays helpful for analysis, or do you skip them?

As a pro player, replays are helpful for analysis, but I often skip them during competitive matches to maintain momentum. However, analysing replays is invaluable for learning and improvement.

Will the "Auto Switch Move Assist" make defending easier?

The "Auto Switch Move Assist" feature may simplify defending for some players, but skilled manual defending will still be crucial for success, especially at higher competition levels.

Has the tweak to shot power and speed in Manager Mode made matches more balanced and realistic?

Yes, the changes have improved match balance and realism. Players with high shooting attributes benefit the most, as their shots feel more accurate and powerful.

How will more reliable Ground Passes and Through Passes impact your build-up play strategy?

Improved passing mechanics allow smoother ball circulation and more precise attacking movements. I’ll exploit gaps in the opponent’s defence and create more direct attacking opportunities.

How can I buy FC Points and Silver top-ups?

You can buy FC Points and Silver online in Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco Kenya and other African countries at, for example, the Carry1st Shop.

EA FC Mobile continues to enhance the mobile football gaming experience with each update. With insights from pro gamers like Dickson Shaba, players can improve their strategies and enjoy a more realistic and engaging game. Lace-up your boots and get ready to dominate the virtual pitch!

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