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Call of Duty: Mobile: The State of Play in Africa

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The Call of Duty: Mobile game is popular worldwide thanks to its riveting gameplay and immersive features. Africa has emerged as a thriving centre for passionate gamers eager to delve into mobile shooter gaming experiences. 

We connected with Spencer Ma, the Growth Lead at Pay1st and Call of Duty: Mobile player, to gain insight into the dynamic world of Call of Duty: Mobile in Africa. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Tips

Spencer outlined a few tips regarding playing the game:

  • Play alongside friends to learn from one another and have more fun. This strategy is a great way to improve your gaming skills and set time aside for your gaming.
  • Observe and watch professional players on YouTube and Twitch to learn new techniques and grasp advanced gameplay strategies.


The Popularity of Call of Duty: Mobile in Africa

According to Spencer, the Call of Duty franchise appeals to action/adventure-orientated players. In Africa specifically, most players prefer to play mobile rather than console or PC. Spencer cited South Africa and Nigeria as key hubs with considerable player bases, emphasising the dedicated fan communities in these regions.

Smartphone Requirements for Playing Call of Duty: Mobile

Spencer noted that most smartphones, even low-end and mid-end devices, can download and run Call of Duty: Mobile, which caters to a broad spectrum of African users.


Local Servers for Call of Duty: Mobile Players

Spencer identified South Africa and Nigeria as the primary countries with dedicated local servers, thanks to Carry1st and Activision. These servers enhance players' gaming experience and foster community engagement.

Spencer emphasised network connectivity and infrastructure as one of the main challenges for some African CODM players. Regarding regional game events, Spencer adds that local servers, when available, allow users from the same country to play swiftly.


In-Game Features and Updates 

Spencer highlighted the appeal of in-game features such as new maps, various types of weapon skins, and cosmetic upgrades that resonate with the African gaming community's preferences and interests season after season.


Local Tournaments and Events

Regarding local tournaments and events, Spencer mentioned that several events in Africa have received ample engagement and participation, and the emergence of local tournaments and grassroots eSports events in regions like South Africa and Nigeria underscores the growing competitive landscape within the African gaming community.


In-Game Purchases and Customer Support 

Spencer discussed the accessibility of the Carry1st Shop’s customer support, offering localised transaction assistance. He acknowledged the prevalence of in-game purchases, particularly cosmetic items, through the Carry1st Shop powered by Pay1st. Players can instantly and securely top up their Call of Duty: Mobile CP and buy a Battle Pass on the Carry1st Shop without needing a credit card. 

Connecting With the CODM community

CODM, as Call of Duty: Mobile fans call the game, primarily use social media groups like WhatsApp and Facebook. Players can join these CODM communities, which are usually open to the public. Spencer adds that these platforms are grassroots-oriented, making them swift and independent. 

Thank You, Spencer

As Africa asserts its presence on the global gaming stage, Call of Duty: Mobile catalyses community engagement, competitive prowess, and cultural resonance. With its immersive gameplay and inclusive appeal, Call of Duty: Mobile continues to unite gamers across Africa in pursuing exhilarating gaming experiences.

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