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How do you play Mancala Adventures?

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Basic rules

  • The Mancala board has two halves with two rows of pits, holes or pockets with Mancala Adventures.
  • One-half of the board is yours in the game.
  • Each player has a row of six pits and a larger pit, called a “Home” or Mancala, to their right. 
  • Each smaller pit starts with a random selection of stones.
  • There are two larger 'Home' pits between the two halves. Your "Home" pit is the one on the right.

Starting the game

  • Each player takes a turn picking up all stones from one of their pits and placing them counterclockwise into the subsequent pits, one stone per pit.
  • The player receives an extra turn if the last stone lands in the player's “Home”.
  • To make a move, tap on your "slot" or pit with stones on your side of the board.

Capturing Stones

  • If the remaining stone lands in an empty pit on the player's side and the opponent's pit contains stones, the player takes both the last stone and all stones in the opposite pit.
  • These captured stones are then placed in the players' “Home”.
  • Land the last stone in an empty pit on your side to capture the parallel stones from your opponent's pit.

Ending the Game

  • Collect the most stones to your "home" pit to win. The game ends once a single player's pits are all empty.
  • The remaining stones in the opponent's pits are moved to their “Home”.
  • The player with the most stones wins.

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