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CODM Mythic Drops: What to Know

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Are you a Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) enthusiast eager to learn about Mythic drops and how to secure them? We chatted with Carry1st Growth Lead, Spencer Ma, also an avid CODM player, to get the inside scoop on maximising your chances with Mythic drops.

What are Mythic Drops?

Spencer: "Mythic drops are some of the rarest and most valuable items in CODM, featuring unique skins and weapons that often come with special effects and detailed designs. These items enhance the game's visual appeal and add a layer of exclusivity to your gaming experience."

Acquiring Mythic Drops

"To obtain Mythic drops, players can participate in specific in-game events such as Mythic Draws or Crates," Spencer says. "These events usually require spending in-game currency or real money. For instance, buying CODM top-ups can increase your CP, boosting your chances in these events."

Odds of Getting Mythic Drops

Spencer: "The initial odds are low, but they improve as you continue to draw. Spending enough CP can eventually guarantee getting a Mythic item, such as during a Mythic Oden rerun."

When Do Mythic Drops Occur?

Spencer: "Mythic drops typically coincide with special events or seasonal updates," Spencer remarks. "For example, new Mythic items might be introduced during the game's anniversary or major holiday celebrations."

Purchasing Mythic Items

Regarding direct purchases, Spencer points out, "Mythic items are available during in-game events. Mythic items can also sometimes be bought as special bundles or offers."

Types of Items in Mythic Drops

"You can find various items in Mythic drops, including weapon skins, character skins, emotes, and other unique cosmetic enhancements," says Spencer.

Comparing Item Rarities

"In terms of rarity and value, Mythic items are at the top, surpassing both Legendary and Epic items with elaborate designs and unique effects," he adds.

Trading and Selling Mythic Items

Spencer clarifies, "CODM does not support trading or selling Mythic items between players. These items are tied to the player’s account."

Increasing Chances for Mythic Drops

"To boost your chances of getting a Mythic drop, engage in more draws or open more crates," advises Spencer.

Recent Changes to the Mythic Drop System

"Stay updated with Activision’s announcements," Spencer advises. "The Mythic drop system may vary with seasons and updates, and keeping informed can help you adapt to any new changes."

Take your CODM experience to the next level with Mythic drops. Look for opportunities to get these prestigious items, which will add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

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