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Mancala Adventures

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Mancala Adventures

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A woman holds a Mancala board and stone with reference to the Mancala Adventures mobile game.
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A woman holds a Mancala board and stone with reference to the Mancala Adventures mobile game.
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Discover Mancala Adventures, the revamped version of the global board game favourite, Mancala, also known as Mangala, Kalah, Bao, or Oware. The classic board game is revitalised, with exciting power-ups and boosters for an enhanced mobile gaming experience.

Go on a unique journey where you challenge characters in dynamic Mancala duels. With each victory, unlock new abilities and skills and push your limits as levels intensify. 

Tailor your appearance to reflect your victories and style. Personalise your gaming experience by unlocking distinctive cosmetics for your avatar as you progress. 

But that's not all – Mancala Adventures introduces a highly anticipated online multiplayer mode. Engage in competitive online matches and prove your mastery to Mancala players worldwide.

Show off your skills and climb to the top as the premier Mancala player. Join Mancala Adventures now and immerse yourself in the ultimate Mancala experience, where strategy, customisation, and competitive play come together. 

Start your adventure today. Download and play in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, and other African countries today! View all mobile games here.


What is Mancala Adventures, and how is it different from traditional Mancala?

Mancala Adventures is a mobile adaptation of the classic board game Mancala. It enhances the traditional gameplay with animated graphics, interactive features, and additional game modes that aren't available in the classic version.

How do you play Mancala Adventures? What are the rules and objectives specific to this version?

The basic gameplay involves players distributing stones into pits on a board to capture more stones than their opponents. Mancala Adventures adds special items and power-ups that can alter gameplay, providing new strategies and objectives.

Can I play Mancala Adventures offline?

No, Mancala Adventures cannot be played offline. Players can enjoy the game with an internet connection.

Are there multiplayer options in Mancala Adventures?

Yes, the game includes multiplayer options, enabling players to compete against others online in real time. However, this feature is only available after unlocking level 45.

What kind of in-game purchases are available in Mancala Adventures?

Players can buy various in-game items such as power-ups, special stones, and exclusive skins. These purchases can enhance gameplay and provide a more personalised experience.

How many levels are in Mancala Adventures?

Users can currently play over 999 levels in the game. However, work is in place to add more exciting levels for our passionate players in the coming updates.

What are the rewards and incentives for playing Mancala Adventures?

Rewards include in-game currency, new levels, special items, and achievement badges. Regular play can also unlock exclusive content and seasonal rewards.

Is there a tutorial in Mancala Adventures to help new players learn the game?

Yes, the game includes a comprehensive tutorial that guides new players through the rules and strategies, helping them get started and improve their gameplay.

How often is Mancala Adventures updated, and what do the updates typically include?

Mancala Adventures is updated regularly, typically including new features, levels, and seasonal events. Updates may also include bug fixes and gameplay improvements to enhance player experience.

What are the diamonds used in the game? 

Diamonds are currencies used to purchase certain valuable content in the game, such as lives, power-ups, chests, and other special gifts.

What is the Piggy Bank for in the game? 

As the game progresses, more diamonds are added to the piggy bank. Players can break the piggy bank to get more diamonds. Players can only get up to 250 diamonds from the Piggy Bank.

 What are Power-ups for? 

These are special items with unique functionalities; they give users an edge over their opponents. However, players can only use a maximum of three power-ups during a game.

How can I get more power-ups after exhausting the ones I have? 

During a gaming session, you can purchase power-ups after exhausting the ones available or get them before gameplay. You can also get more power-ups, unlock new ones as you progress in the game, and open chest rewards.

How can I get more lives? 

Lives can be acquired in the game store through ads and in-app purchases. Alternatively, you can allow some time for the lives to regenerate, but you cannot have more than three lives at once.

What should I do if I make a purchase and the content is not applied to the game? 

Try relaunching the game first to see whether the purchased item has been applied to your account. Should that be the case, you can contact us at, and one of our committed associates will be happy to help.

Can I earn real cash rewards in the game? 

You cannot earn money playing Mancala Adventures. The game is designed so players can only enjoy and have fun as they progress through the game.

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